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Combining Images

The idea of these paintings are to be a record of the past, present and future events of everyday life. Collectively, they appear as a kind of bulletin board of events that have happened, are happening, or will happen. Ordinary, everyday items are used as the subjects in order to captivate life during that moment. The items selected are ones that will be of particular interest to people many years from today. The process begins by focusing on a key item, drawing it on a sheet of 300-pound Arches cold pressed paper, and painting it with transparent watercolor until its almost completely rendered. From there its all about building and adding items that will enhance the finished painting. Once satisfied, all that's left is to go back over the parts of the picture and paint that extra ten percent that is so important - the details, highlights and shadows. While working on these paintings, trying to keep the balance and contrast is the toughest part, as without it the painting becomes dead. Contrast holds everything together as an "organized mess".

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