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About Kjell Orrling​

     "Graduating in architecture form a private school in Stockholm, Swedish-born Kjell Orrling began working for a lighting fixture company in his native city when he was spotted by a Canadian company who offered him a job in Canada, 1973, as a lighting fixture designer. When his contract was up two years later, rather than return to Sweden, he applied to stay as a landed immigrant and set up his own business designing and manufacturing lighting fixtures.

     Some 13 years later, Kjell successfully sold his business so he could paint full time. Kjell has never looked back, forging ahead with his career as a full time artist. He certainly had no doubt that he would be a success when his first solo show, in Sweden, sold out in a couple of hours. Orrling's truth-to-nature water colors, are very much in tradition of trompe l'oeil, as most viewers assume his masterpieces are collages or fragmented images, not accurate renderings of balanced coloring, contextual contrast and spacial images contained in an illusionary three dimension. In 1995 Kjell Orrling was elected Member, Royal Canadian Academy of Art."

(Canada at the Millennium: A TransCultural Society)

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